Mer läsning från Lonely Planet om Wales

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Mer läsning från Lonely Planet om Wales

Här kommer några lästips för dig som vill veta mer om Wales:

Wales Travel Guide Wales Travel Guide

Lose yourself in timeless rural scenery laced with glistening lakes and jagged peaks. Amble from festivals of food and opera to celebrations of art and ecology. Gorge yourself on medieval castles. Join the adrenaline junkies in a quest for the ultimate adventure. Whatever you want from Wales, this inspiring guide will help you find it.



Great Britain Travel Guide Great Britain Travel Guide

Guide covers England, Wales and Scotland. Surf-pounded cliffs and crystal-clear lochs, confident metropolises and ancient towns, dramatic wildernesses and remote island getaways – with so much on offer, which Britain will you choose? Explore every side of this diverse land with our inspiring new guide.



Walking in Britain Guide Walking in Britain Guide

Get your boots into Britain: best ancient trails in southern England and coastal paths in Wales; windswept moors in northern England and mountain ascents in Scotland. And if you need a breather, there’ll be any number of postcard villages ready with the tea.



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